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Aksys is giving you the chance to win a “6B” t-shirt this Wednesday (Aug 19).

Kanedags writes:

If you’re a podcast listener then you probably heard of the win a 6B t-shirt by battling the Aksys Crew. Here are the details:

•We’ll be taking 10 entries on XBL and PSN
•Email us at podcast (at) aksysgames (dot) com with the subject heading of BB Tshirt Contest (XBL or PSN) along with your Gamertag or PSN ID
•We’ll choose the entries at random.
•You’ll be battling Mikey, Mike, Harry and Gail. If you can take 2 matches from us, you win a shirt.
•It gets real on Wednesday, August 19th at 7PM

In other BlazBlue news Europe is finally getting BlazBlue, but it’s not coming until next year. The only addition not featured in the Japan and US limited edition release will be new characters. After a bit of thought these “new” characters might just be Unlimited versions of standard characters since there are only 4 currently in the game. Either way the new characters will be released as DLC for Japan and the US.

Speaking of BlazBlue DLC — It finally hit PSN in Japan. Hopefully the DLC will hit every PS Store this week. In all honesty the DLC isn’t that great. I really don’t see the value in purchasing unlocks for 4 characters you can get just by beating arcade mode. The new outfit colors are nice so I might get them… eventually.

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