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BlazBlue Central Fiction New Chapter Update: New Characters Introduced, Story Mode Now Bigger Than Ever

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The next chapter to the BlazBlue fighting game series is coming and has a new cool opening.

The latest chapter to the BlazBlue series, Central Fiction will be arriving to Japanese arcades on November 19, and it not just a new title that you will be seeing. Two new characters will be included in the game; Hibiki Kahaku and Naoto Kurogane, Hibiki is said to be the main protagonist for Central Fiction, similar with veteran character Ragna the Bloodedge. A new update showcases the opening video for the game, you can check the video below

Aside from the new characters, the story mode in Central Fiction will be triple the volume compared to the previous series Chrono Phantasma. Some of the original features from the previous releases will retain but with some tweaks and enhancements, the original Arcade, Score Attack, Versus and Sparring will still be available for the arcade version. The Story mode will only have Act 1 available on launch day and more episodes will become available via version updates, Central Fiction will have three Acts for the Story mode. The new Platinum Coins will be introduced, you can earn them by defeating players in Versus mode and completing a variety of challenges like defeating a playing with a 30-win streak or do a combo that uses all button types. You can exchange the Platinum Coins to Platinum Dollars, more of a currency in the game, no details on what you can purchase with the Platinum Dollars. You can also check the recent promotional video for the game below.

No details yet for any console release, or if it will still include the last generation consoles on the release line up. But expect for Central Fiction to become available for the consoles a few months after the arcade release.

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