Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert Divorce Reason Revealed: Was Gwen Stefani Really The Cause?

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Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorced last July which was a big blow to their fans. If rumors are to be believed, Gwen Stefani was allegedly the real cause for their breakup.

For Shelton and Lambert, it has been a journey of mixed emotions –from breakup to divorce and then finding new love in their respective lives. But, we hope that their current life is on track and both will be eventually happy.

Shelton and new girlfriend Stefani have been publicly flaunting their love for each other while Lambert also has a new man in her life, Anderson East. According to Inquisitr, Lambert shared a photograph of her new boyfriend East on her Instagram profile. She is seen cozying up to him with affection.

Last July saw Shelton and Lambert, considered as one of the best couples in Hollywood, getting a quick divorce after four years of marriage. The previously very much in-love pair never admitted to the public what went wrong in their relationship. And, the reason behind their divorce is still a mystery. However, some rumors are swirling that the cause was none other than the present woman in Shelton?s life, Stefani.

Stefani is reportedly pregnant with her first baby with Shelton. The couple has only been dating for a few months and now the 46-year-old singer is about to welcome her fourth child. She has three children with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale.

Several rumors have surfaced claiming that Shelton will be a father soon. It would definitely be a dream come true as Shelton is eager to become one.

According to the rumor, Stefani thinks she’s having a baby girl with Shelton. The former No Doubt singer has always wanted a girl as she already has three sons. It has been said that Stefani has shared this good news with her close pals.

“[Gwen] say this baby feels different – not like her other pregnancies,” a source told In Touch. “She’s dying for it to be a little girl. If it’s a girl, Gwen will finally feel complete.”

However, Shelton may not be too happy about the latest news. He prefers having a baby boy. ?

“He’d love to have a son he could raise to be an outdoorsman, just like him,” the source adds.

If several reports are to be believed, Shelton loves children. Although ?he comes across as a carefree, sometimes immature guy, deep down he?s a family man who wants to be surrounded by children,? a source said.

According to Hollywood Life, the “Lonely Tonight” singer is a family man who wanted to be a father and surrounded by kids but Lambert was not ready for a family. And that is one of the key reasons why Shelton and Lambert?s relationship ended. Miranda was not ready for kids while Shelton wanted them badly. ?

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