Blake Lively Divorces Ryan Reynolds? Actress Can’t Cope with the Deadpool Star?s Issues?

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If people will get asked to vote who their favorite celebrity couples are, it’s no doubt that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively would most probably get a rank. ?

People can agree that this couple is by far one of the best and funniest couples there is in Hollywood, and there’s no question about it. But like any other normal couple, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively go through the ups and downs of married life.

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But did Ryan Reynold’s hectic schedule in his recent movie, Deadpool, affect his relationship with Blake Lively and their children? ?

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool

After years in the making, Deadpool became one of the most talked about movie in 2016. And though it appears like Ryan Reynolds didn’t have that much trouble in bringing Deadpool’s character to life, the actor confessed that he had to go through a mental breakdown throughout the process of the film.

Blake Lively Divorces Ryan Reynolds

In GQ’s Men of the Year Issue, Ryan Reynolds said that even at the end of the making of Deadpool, the actor had a slight nervous breakdown. “I literally had the shakes,” he stated in the interview. ?

With this, the actor went from one doctor to another, who all came into a conclusion that Ryan Reynolds has anxiety.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Relationship

People have known Ryan Reynolds as someone who’s not afraid to share his thoughts about his wife, Blake Lively. In an interview, the actor took everyone to the moment he knew Blake Lively was his soulmate.

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The actor said that everything started when they were just chilling out at a little restaurant in Tribeca; and Ryan Reynolds asked Blake Lively to dance.

It was halfway through their dance, in a room occupied with just the two of them that he realized that he ?crossed the line.?

Just recently, the actor made Blake Lively ?upset? as he accidentally confirmed the gender of their second child in a tweet and while guesting at Conan. But then again, the Deadpool actor knows completely how to get his wife’s heart.

The couple looks forward to a big family, and we all just want the same for them, don’t we?

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