Blake Austin Injures Hand, Undergoes Surgery May Not Play Remaining NRL season?

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Canberra Raider?s Blake Austin has fallen victim to a terrible hand injury during practice, his fate for the season is still unknown.

Playmaker Blake Austin is one of Canberra?s great players. With the shocking news of his hand injury, both Austin?s and the team?s fate this season is now at risk. The 25 year old Austin has been a great player for the Raiders, and has undoubtedly contributed to the team?s rise in recent years.

It?s looking bad for Austin. His injury was so bad that he has already undergone surgery. The injury was caused by an accident that occurred during one of their routine defensive training drills. The injury occurred last Wednesday. With a good chance of losing Austin for the rest of the season, fans and the team are in shock.

The club is unsure on when Austin will be capable of playing. But things are looking grim. The club has released a statement saying that Austin will be sidelined for an “indefinite period”. With Austin?s sustained injury, many already believe that he?s probably going to be gone for the season.




Ricky Stuart commented on the incident saying that: “It was a very simple accident and very unfortunate for Blake…This will challenge us and everybody has to buy in and assist in picking up the slack?

The Raiders are currently in third place. They were able to achieve this, thanks to being able to win eight consecutive games. It is important to note that the Raiders are only two from five this season if Austin does not return. With the unexpected loss of Austin from the team, the Raiders have no choice but to step up their game.

Austin?s injury is a big blow for the team, during a time of great need for great talent.


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