Blair Witch Release Date: Trailer Hints It’s Scarier Than Original Movie

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The new Blair Witch movie will be out today, September 16, and based on the trailer, it?s said to be scarier than the original film. How true is that?

Back in 1999, The Blair Witch Project was released and it was the first movie for the franchise. A year after, a second film was launched titled Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. However, critics shared that it ruined the concept making it not worthy as the first film?s sequel.

So, the upcoming film will be the first considered installment of the movie as it presents specific elements of the first film. Plus, although it has not been released yet, there are already fans who think that this movie is scarier than its predecessor.

The claim is mainly because it will bring the most horrifying claustrophobic scene to you. It highlights the protagonist trying to make it out from the mysterious door she fell into. She found out that the only way is through a tunnel-like passage that barely fits her body. However, as she almost reached the exit, she got stuck in mud and water.

This scene will leave viewers speculating what will happen to her next. Plus, the fact that she is stuck in a tight hole is indeed scary with mud drowning her. However, a third party crawler is also one of the problems for she does not know what it could be. It might even eat her alive, which will make the movie even more terrifying.

Here, watch the trailer of Blair Witch?and decide yourself.

Heather Donahue on Blair Witch 2016

Aside from these fanatics who have already judged the upcoming film, the original star, Heather Donahue, shares the same thought. The actress played the role of the older sister who disappeared in the woods in the original film. For her, the upcoming film is more terrifying than the movie they created 17 years ago.

?Scare for scare, the new Blair Witch is better than the original. You heard me. You nailed it and Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett! Big, big congratulations!? said Donahue on her Facebook account.

If the original star believes that it is a lot scarier than the original, then it is safe to assume that the movie really is. But, there are also those film critics who are not in the same boat. For example, Time wrote that the 2016 horror-film is ?barely scary.?

?But Blair Witch? left me feeling ? nothing. Was I supposed to be scared by this thing?? said the writer of the publication. Also, CharlotteObserver shared the same thoughts with the outlet. According to them, the sequel does not ?recapture the black magic of the original.? Plus, it took the film an hour before finally delivering the terror, which is considered as a slow start.

As of now, contradicting statements would confuse some fans whether or not they should watch Blair Witch 2016. But, the easiest way to confirm these reviews is to watch the horror film yourself. The sequel is going to hit the big screens on September 16. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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