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Blade And Soul Download And Play: Get In The Open World Adventure That Just Went Live In US & Europe

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The wait has finally ended for gamers as ?Blade & Soul? is officially live and released in the West. The popular free-to-play MMO is now available to download for everyone.

?The launch of ?Blade & Soul is a significant moment and represents one of the most important online launches for players in 2016,? John Burns, Senior Vice President at NCSOFT said according to PRNewswire. ?Fans finally have the chance to experience the amazing gameplay, distinctive action and dynamic combat that sets this game apart from others on the market.?

There are certainly fresh gameplay and movement abilities for the game, including ?gliding through the air, dashing on water, and running upon walls,? which sets the game apart and could make for a gaming experience players may not soon forget.

But before you play the game, we?ve noted some of the things you should know about ?Blade & Soul.?

?Blade & Soul? features

Gamers will have the chance to side with either of the two factions: Cerulean Order and Crimson Legion. There will also be seven classes (assassin, blade dancer, blade master, destroyer, force master, kung-fu master, and summoner) to choose from with a character level cap of 45. They will be able to journey through more than 30 dungeons with 1-3 acts of the story setting, according to GameRevolution.

?While we?re excited for everyone to jump in-game and explore the Earthen Realm, this release marks just the beginning of a deep and ongoing world story. We have a regular cadence of content releases in development,? according to ?Blade & Soul?s? official page.

So for those ?Blade & Soul? players who think that they won?t get enough after they finish the game, the game developers already prepared for the worst and are already creating additional content for the video game.

Here?s the link to create an account and download the latest MMORPG ?Blade & Soul.?

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