The Blacklist Season 4 Spoilers: Who?s The Real Villain, Alexander Or Red?

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With all the speculations and rumors being thrown at the forthcoming The Blacklist Season 4, it is quite unclear now who?s the real villain in the series.

It should be remembered that Alexander Kirkman, played by Ulrich Thomsen, has revealed that he is the real father of Liz Keen, portrayed by Megan Boone, during the finale of the third installment of the show. This will confuse Liz as to who is lying between Red Reddington, portrayed by James Spader, and Kirkman.

It should also be noted that it is expected in the upcoming season 4 that Liz will be regretting her mistake of betraying everyone by faking her death in the last season. Her relationship with Red will definitely be at stake.

According to reports, John Eisendrath, the show?s executive producer, bared that Kirkman will be important in the continuation of the series. Jon Bokenkamp also reiterated that the fourth season might give a highlight to Liz, who almost shot her alleged real father.

Eisendrath spilled that The Blacklist Season 4 will not be showing distorted stories about the past of Liz and Alexander. He stressed that the revelations that will be unveiled on the show about the two characters will just be a continuation of the teased identity of Liz in the past.

Speculations believe that Alexander?s presence in season 4 will help everyone learn the real connection between Liz and Red. His return definitely has a big impact on Liz and Red and this is what the fans should be looking forward to.

Meanwhile, Boone bared in an interview that Liz seems to have given up on Red as she is not yet convinced if the former has already said the truth. It is being rumored that the lead actress will be asking for help from someone to find out the truth.

Of course, Red will try to go after Alexander in the upcoming season. However, it is foreseen that Liz is in danger more than Red and Alexander in the show. Liz is also set to continue her search for her family. Her husband, Tom, played by Ryan Eggold, and daughter Agnes were both kidnapped during the previous season.

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