The Blacklist Season 4 Spoilers: Red To Have Trust Issues With Liz

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And the confusion still goes on in the upcoming The Blacklist Season 4. While many fans are still in shock and surprise with Liz still being alive after her fake death in the previous season, a lot of the series followers are still thinking who the real father of Liz is.

It should be remembered that everyone was left with a cliffhanger during the finale of the third installment of the show after it was revealed that Liz was still alive but abducted in Cuba. What made it more confusing was the revelation of Alexander Kirk that he is the real father of Liz.

So the million-dollar question now is; what?s in store for Liz in The Blacklist Season 4?

It must be known that Liz is now in the hands of her father as she is being kidnapped. There are also speculations about the relationship of Liz with Red, given that the latter assured her before that her real parents were already dead.

However, it should be expected that the FBI, along with Red, will be focusing on saving Liz as soon as possible. Red, on the other hand, might be doubting Liz?s integrity since the latter betrayed him with her fake death. Indeed, The Blacklist Season 4 will be a heavy load at the same time a great treat to all the fans.

Meanwhile, executive producers of the show, Jon Bokenkamp and John Eisendrath told Entertainment Weekly that a lot of questions might finally be answered in the fourth season, especially now that Kirk claimed that he is the father of Liz, much to the surprise of the latter.

The two heads of the show admitted that it is quite a pressure for them as what is at stake for the current twists of the storyline of the series is its authenticity. They also assured the fans that the development will greatly affect the storyline of the series and is not used as a cheap tactic to hype up the show. Lastly, the producers of the show said that the circumstances with Liz and Red will make the two more mature.

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