The Blacklist Season 4 Spoilers: Red Reddington To Be The Villain Of The Show?

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With only two months left before the much anticipated The Blacklist Season 4 airs on small screens, more and more speculations are taking shape. If one can remember, we have previously reported that villains in the show are yet to be named although there have been rumors that the villain is either going to be James Spader or Ulrich Thomsen.

And while we have already revealed the exact air date of the fourth installment of the series, nothing has been mentioned about who between the two is going to be the antagonist. But now, rumor has it that it looks like Spader, who is portraying the role of Red Reddington, will be on the other side, opposite to the main character Liz, played by Megan Boone.

Indirectly speaking, it seems that Red will be the one who will portray the bad character in the forthcoming season. This after the show?s executive producer John Eisendrath bared in an interview that Liz is inclined to believe Alexander Kirk, who is claiming to be her father. Should this be true then Alexander will not be the villain anymore, leaving Red as the option to be the antagonist.

It must be noted that Liz has fooled everyone during the third season with a fake death. This is for her and Tom, played by Ryan Eggold, to veer away from Red. Liz?s family moved to Cuba. All the questions about Liz, her actions and her life, are expected to be answered once the show starts to roll.

It is foreseen that Liz will be doubting the real intentions of Red towards her as the latter appears to be reluctant on answering her questions especially those related to her alleged father, Alexander Kirk. She will be seeing Kirk in the fourth season and observe if he is really her biological father.

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Jon Bokenkamp, show?s co-executive producer, also hinted that what happened during the conclusion of the season will greatly affect the storyline between Liz and Red coming to The Blacklist Season 4. He assured that all loyal fans, who got pissed off when they learned that Liz died, will be hooked anew to season 4.

Ironically, Bokenkamp was happy that fans felt irked at Liz?s fake death as it just means that they know very well that she and Red are the main characters of the show. He also said that the relationship of the two will progress in season 4 no matter how embattled it will be.

Meanwhile, make sure to mark your calendars on September 22 as it will be the start of The Blacklist Season 4 on NBC.

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