?The Blacklist? Season 4 Premiere Spoilers, Plot, Cast: Secrets Of Liz’s Father To Be Revealed?

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The Blacklist Premiere
The Blacklist Season 4

NBC?s crime drama series The Blacklist returns for its Season 4 tonight and will finally shed light on a number of things including Liz?s past, her connection to Alexander Kirk and Raymond Reddington. One of the biggest mysteries of the NBC series is Liz and Red’s real connection to each other. The true reason behind Red?s interest in Lizzy hasn?t been revealed so far.

Over the past seasons, Liz parents, KGB agent Constantin Rostov and Katarina Rostova, have been a real mystery too. Thankfully, come Season 4, most of these mysteries are set to unfold. The Season 3 finale dropped a bombshell, not the least that Elizabeth Keen is alive but that Alexander Kirk reveals himself as her father.

Red or Kirk? Who is Lizzy?s father?

The answer will be dropped in the premiere episode itself. Series creator Jon Bokenkamp told EW that the series picks up just moments after the Season 3 finale. Kirk reveals himself as Liz?s father but he could as well be lying. It remains to be seen how well Kirk convinces Liz and what story would he offer. The past rumors had it that Red was Lizzy?s father. Though he denied this time and again, Red is known to keep his secrets.

IBTimes has come up with a new theory regarding Liz?s father and her history. Speculations are rife that when Constantine got into a fight with Liz?s mother, Katarina, the 4-year-old Liz ended up shooting him. However, Liz doesn?t remember this traumatic incident. Neither has Red told her the story for fear of upsetting her.

Apparently, Constantine survives the shooting and later adopts the alias Alexander Kirk. After the fall of Soviet Union, he becomes a successful businessman but in 2002 he flees Russia and goes to the U.S. Upon learning that his daughter, Masha, is alive he sets to find her.

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Liz learns her past and about her mother

Meanwhile, actress Megan Boone sort of confirms the theory of her shooting her father. For the upcoming Season 4, Boone teased, ?What comes to light is that it?s not really Reddington bringing all of this upon her, it?s her own history and where she comes from.?

Liz also learns more about her mother, Katarina, in the premiere episode. With Kirk?s appearance, Liz will finally be finding out more information about her mother and her connection to Red.

?Through the investigation of Alexander Kirk, she finds a lot of her mother?s memorabilia and private journals. A lot is revealed to her about her mother, who she?s known nothing about her whole life, and through her mother, she learns actually a lot more about Reddington,? she told EW.

The Blacklist Season 4 premieres Thursday, September 22 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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