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The Blacklist Season 4 Midseason Finale Spoilers: Liz?s Real Relation With Kirk To Finally Be Revealed?

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The Blacklist Season 4
The Blacklist Season 4

The Blacklist Season 4 is heading to its midseason finale and viewers are anticipating a lot of answers. One of the biggest questions in the series now is if Alexander Kirk (Ulrich Thomsen) is really Elizabeth?s (Megan Boone) father.

In Episode 7, it was revealed that Liz is not related to Kirk. But Kirk doubted the authenticity of the test results. He believed that Red may have changed the samples. The character played by James Spader told Liz that she should avoid Kirk now because she is not safe from him anymore.

Executive producer John Eisendrath recently teased fans about what to expect in the midseason finale. Eisendrath revealed that Liz will get all the answers she needs and that Red has a plan. His plan is something that may shock viewers. Eisendrath said it is something that nobody would expect.

Even more pivotal than Kirk?s real relationship with Liz, the focal point of the midseason finale is Red’s devotion to Liz. According to Eisendrath, Red is going to need a miracle from preventing Kirk from either taking his or Liz?s life. Will he be able to do so? What is his plan?

As for the result of the DNA test, it is possible that Red has really altered it. If that is the case, Kirk?s instincts might be true all along. Eisendrath stated it is possible Red had tampered with it in order to get Alexander Kirk out of Liz?s life.

Based on the synopsis for The Blacklist Season 4 midseason finale, Kirk will capture Liz. Red will offer his own life to save her. Kirk asks Red if he is Liz?s real father. Viewers will finally be able to learn the truth about Kirk and Liz?s connection when The Blacklist Season 4 midseason finale airs on Thursday, Nov. 10 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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