?The Blacklist? Season 4: Insiders Reveal Rumored Episode 1 and 2 Spoilers

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The Blacklist season 4 premiere is happening tomorrow and several spoilers have already been circulating. Most of these claim that viewers will finally learn more about the real connection of Liz Keen and Red Reddington, played by Megan Boone and James Spader respectively.

Fans would remember that the previous season ended with Liz abducted by Alexander Kirk, who claims he is her real father. While viewers received this development with doubt, executive producer Jon Bokencamp said that Kirk?s claim should be taken seriously.

Season 4 Episode 1 spoilers

Boone herself hinted that her character?s true association with Red will most likely be explained. However, she allegedly only knows as much as the fans do when it comes to The Blacklist season 4 spoilers. The TV actress also pointed out that being in the dark about certain things will help her stay in character and portray her role more effectively.

Furthermore, the upcoming installment will reportedly also tell the story of Liz’s real mother. More details will supposedly surface when they begin investigating the identity of Alexander Kirk. There will be journals unearthed during the investigation that will reveal how Liz?s mother is connected to Reddington.

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Season 4 Episode 2 synopsis

The official synopsis for The Blacklist season 4 episode 2 titled ?Esteban? detailed how Liz will learn about Alexander Kirk’s true intentions of coming into her life. Fans have been teased about how this revelation will be one of the NBC show?s biggest twists that will further complicate the lives of the cast members.

More details will also reportedly be revealed by actor Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold). ?He will supposedly be able to reunited with former partner Liz their daughter Agnes. This will be after she faked her death to trick the Task Force and Red.

There will also be a storyline about Scottie, a woman who claims to be mother of Tom.

The Blacklist season 4 is scheduled to premiere on NBC this Thursday, September 22.

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