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?The Blacklist? Season 4: The Cast Returns

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The crime and action thriller is coming back for a Season four. With season four?s plot still shrouded in mystery, we take a look at the cast lineup for the fourth season for a quick refresher on the story so far. Join us as we take a look at The Blacklist Season 4 cast.

Red Reddington

Raymond Red Reddington will be portrayed by James Spader. Red Reddington is a top priority criminal. He?s been in the Most Wanted List of the FBI for many years.

He?s hid himself well for 20 years and suddenly had a change of heart as he gave himself up to work with the very people he?s hid from. Season 3 revealed that he isn?t Liz?s dad, which raises more questions than answers for viewers.

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Liz Keen

Liz Keen will still be played by Megan Boone. Liz is one of the central characters of the show as she works along with Red Reddington. Things get dramatic with Liz when Alexander Kirk revealed that she was his daughter.

At the finale of season three, it was revealed that Liz still lives. And that she was kidnapped by none other than Alexander Kirk.

The plot of season four has been under wraps. But what?s known so far is that it will pick from where the finale left of at season three.

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Harold Cooper

Harry Lennix portrays Harold Cooper. Harold, the assistant Director of Counterterrorism at the FBI is pretty central figure. ?He was pretty suspicious of Red?s intentions when he made the offer to help the FBI, but he learned to get over his worries to work with Red.

Donald Ressler

Donald Ressler is portrayed by Diego Klattenhoff. Ressler has been on the show since the first episode. Ressler is the frustrated agent who’s been hunting Red down for years.

His work got thrown out the window when Red just decided to turn himself in. To add insult to injury, Red doesn?t even want to work with him.

But their relationship through the seasons have been improving. It might be because Red did save him and even helped him drop the hammer of justice on his fiancee?s murderers.

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Tom Keen

Ryan Eggold plays Tom Keen. Tom Keen is making a return on the show. Tom Keen is one of the special agents on the show. He?s been a part of the central players in the narrative of the show.

He?s married to Liz, so of course he?s going to get pulled into the story. But things kicked off from when he found the secret box back at their apartment. Fast forward through season one and it’s revealed that he?s a spy and Liz puts him down.

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