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Blackberry Z3 ‘Jakarta Edition’ : The 1st New Blackberry Phone for CEO John Chen and Blackberry’s ‘Final Stand’

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Blackberry Z3 ?”Jakarta Edition”: The 1st New Blackberry Phone for CEO John Chen and Blackberry’s ?’Final Stand’

BlackBerry CEO John Chen is set to release his first phone with the company, the Blackberry Z3 Jakarta Edition. The Z3, analysts say is the company’s “final stand” in the key Indonesian market.

Before the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S5, and other Android and Windows smartphones, the king of ?smart? communication was the Blackberry. Unfortunately, advances in technology and rapid changes in customer needs and preferences, have made the Blackberry a ?forgotten? name in gadgets and devices.

Recent reports, however say, that the once mighty tech company, will make a new and, some say, a ?final? bid to regain its lost glory, at least in one major ?low-end? device market ? Indonesia, for now.

The struggling smartphone company and maker of the Blackberry handsets, will be launching the Blackberry Z3 in Indonesia, and if it does well, will hopefully introduce it to other ?emerging markets?.

The launch in Indonesia, one of the remaining areas where Blackberry still has some popularity, will prove as a testing ground for this first smartphone, under the new Blackberry CEO, John Chen. Chen took over the top position of the ailing Canadian company last year.

The Blackberry Z3 will also be the first smartphone, that will be manufactured under a partnership with Foxconn, a leading Taiwanese technology manufacturer. Foxconn is also known as one of Apple’s primary suppliers. The link up with Foxconn is seen by analysts as an experiment of sorts for Blackberry, and may determine the company’s strategy in the coming years.

In recent years, Blackberry suffered a huge decline in market share and was hit by massive losses that resulted in the termination of thousands of Blackberry employees. The meteoric rise of Apple and Samsung in the last decade, was too much competition for Blackberry to handle.

According to analysts, even in Indonesia, considered a Blackberry stronghold, the company’s market share has continued to decline in the past year.

Despite these obstacles, Blackberry CEO John Chen is confident, that their new smartphone, the Z3, which will carry the full tag of ?Blackberry Z3 Jakarta Edition?, will be a hit not only in Indonesia, but in top South East Asian countries as well.

A Blackberry spokesperson said that ? There is still momentum behind the BlackBerry brand in Indonesia, and this product will deliver something that should resonate with consumers there.?

Blackberry revealed that they are targeting ?fast growing economies?, although they did not elaborate which country would be next after Indonesia.

These new changes in Blackberry’s direction, came about immediately after Chen took over the ousted Thorsten Heins. A month after Chen took over, the partnership with Foxconn was revealed.

The tie-up with Foxconn transferred all manufacturing and inventory control to the Taiwanese company, which allows Blackberry to concentrate on the development of tech software and services.

Features of the Blackberry Z3, as announced by the company, shows the handset to have a 5 inch touchscreen display, continuing the design of the more recent Blackberry smartphone units, that have abandoned the more recognizable Blackberry keyboard used by much older phones.

The Blackberry Z3, the company adds, is designed primarily for the Indonesian user, and will still utilize the BBM messaging service, which is still widely used and popular in this country. The Z3’s BBM service reportedly comes with lots of local cartoon images that users can send. The Z3 will also come out in a limited edition, with the engraving ?Jakarta? on the handset.

The Blackberry Z3 will be priced at US$ 200 dollars, which the company hopes will be very competitive against the more expensive iPhone 5s and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Early reports based on pre-orders from Indonesian retailers, reveal encouraging news for Blackberry, and this is expected to improve until the sale ends in a few days.

Some analysts are not too optimistic about the Blackberry comeback. Telecom Consultancy IDC’s Sudev Bangah, told the AFP news agency, that ? The launch of this device is really BlackBerry’s final stand in the Indonesian market.?


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