BlackBerry Vienna: Latest Rumors, Specs, Price and Launching Date

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BlackBerry Vienna, the second BlackBerry Android, is making its way to market. The new handset Vienna is targeting all mid-range buyers. This product has few of the best features from other BlackBerry phones and also stands unique in its own style.

?Priv?– Blackberry’s previous product has inspired this phone in many ways. It entered the market with a price tag of $1000 and reached only rich customers. So, learning from the success and failures of ?Priv?, BlackBerry decided to create ?Vienna?. It has spent quality time for marketing research to understand the needs of customers according to TGC.

Possible Technical Specs: Camera, Display and Price

According to CrossMap, Vienna will be having capacitive buttons instead of software buttons. A front face speaker is placed at the top of the phone next to the front facing camera.

The user will find volume and power buttons on the right side and the left a microSD or SIM card slot. The tech lovers are also predicting that it will look smaller than the 18 megapixel OIS camera on the PRIV. This feature is very common these days in mid- range Android phones.

To create a better display, BlackBerry will follow the design of the BlackBerry Leap. The product will be available in 4 colors ? silver, green, red and grey.? The expected price for this product is??579. It?s really cheaper than Priv. The company has not disclosed anything about the battery. Since Vienna is a mid-range product, there is no high expectation on battery life. Blackberry Priv had Snapdragon 808 hexa-core processor with 3GB of RAM. Vienna may have similar features.

The camera looks very small on the Vienna mock-ups. There is a rumor that BlackBerry is not highlighting this feature. The Priv camera was 18MP and is a good performer. This exact feature is doubtful in Vienna. It has LED flash on front. BlackBerry Leap is the inspiration behind the camera features of Vienna.

The date of launching is still unknown. But Blackberry CEO has mentioned that they are moving towards the Android market with BlackBerry Vienna, which will arrive along with Android v5.1 Lollipop Android v6.0 Marshmallow.

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