BlackBerry Venice Price And Release Date: Leaked Photos Show ?Pull Up? Screen? Phone Might Be Expensive? Read More Here!

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The new set of photos showing the latest BlackBerry smartphone might give you some interesting insights.

The BlackBerry is one of the well-known enterprise phone for years, now focusing on joining the Android trend, the company is set to launch ?Venice? which will be Blackberry?s first Android phone. There were no official announcements for the upcoming BlackBerry Venice, but some photo leaks and information on its specs and features may convince you to grab the newest smartphone. Here are some of the details that we have learned so far.

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At a first glance on the BlackBerry Venice, it looks more of an Android smartphone with a fairly plain black design no hint of any QWERTY keypad. But upon inspection, you can actually pull the screen up, or the speaker below the screen to reveal the QWERTY keypad, it has more of a square design, making it more edgy from your conventional Android smartphone. The screen will have a 5.4-inch QHD curved screen, which was made popular by Samsung?s Galaxy S6 Edge, though the curved screen are still a novelty up to this day, it is uncertain if BlackBerry will include an application to match with the curved screen.


There is not detailed info yet, but some say that the BlackBerry Venice will sport an 18 Megapixel camera on the rear with image stabilization, which is a leap from its 13 Megapixel camera from the old BlackBerry Passport.

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OS and Specifications

There are rumors that the Venice will run on a 1.8GHz hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor with 3 GB of RAM, which is a big similarity with LG?s G4 phone, it?s still unsure on its storage capacity and if it can feature expandable memory. In regards to the operating system, the Venice will be finally be running on an Android Lollipop operating system, though there are speculation that it will also feature a BlackBerry 10 OS variant.

Pricing and Availability

Some are guessing that based on the mentioned specs, it could be expensive, so it is possible that the BlackBerry Venice will be at $599 and the target launch date is around November.

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