Blackberry Comeback 2017: ‘Mercury’ Release, Specs

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blackberry mercury

Blackberry comeback 2017 is the most anticipated event for the smartphone market. The company is planning to shock the market with its upcoming smartphone, the Blackberry Mercury. The phone will still have its signature flagship QWERTY keypad, but it will now run the Android operating system.

Previously, the company referred to the phone with several codenames like Venice and Rome. However, recently, the phone gave unique name, Mercury. Technically, the company even called it as DTEK70, which is the official numbering sequence of Blackberry branded Android phones. Let’s discover the entire story with TheBitBag.

Blackberry Mercury Display and Design

The Blackberry Mercury is designed to bring the traditional feel of Blackberry’s Qwerty keypads. Although the smartphones are not having keypads, most the smartphone users still using qwerty keypads to input their texts.

But unlike the traditional Blackberry handsets, the upcoming device is not going to adopt a square screen. It is going to have regular touch screen aspect. Besides, the company even disclosed that the phone will not have usual widescreen 16:9 ration, but rather a 3:2 ratio display. The display is measured between 4.5-inch diagonally with full HD resolution. So the smaller display on the DTEK70 is  very crisp and sophisticated.

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Blackberry Mercury

Blackberry Mercury Release and Specs

The latest Blackberry Mercury will resemble the stretched out version of the silver edition Blackberry passport. Unlike the previous models, the latest device will not have a sliding display and will not look like a traditional candy bar all touch device either.

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The DTEK70 will have metal frets between the keys in order to resemble a physical keyboard for better typing speed. The device will also have traditional Android trio of capacitive buttons. The company previewed it at CES 2017, and expected to release it in the first quarter of 2017. The company will also share more information about the product in Barcelona at the end of February.

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