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BlackBerry CEO Saves the Day

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What was once the greatest competitor of Apple’s iPhone, the BlackBerry line, seems to have been losing its grip to the world of gadget marketing. Company interim CEO John Chen admitted that the BlackBerry line have been suffering so much in terms of sales decline, specifically as the?company initially fell more than 7% in premarket trading last year. He also specified that the company lost a total of $4.4 billion just by the end of November. ?It was even concluded by some technology and marketing experts that the company’s refusal to do an annual conference to welcome 2014 was a good sign that we will not see much of BlackBerry this 2014.

So indeed, it was a great surprise when BlackBerry landed as the most improved technological company when it comes to stocks and sales on the recent Tech30 of CNNMoney. The leading news company estimated a total of +14.78% YTD raise with a value of $1148, beating Apple with -3.13% YTD raise with a value of $969.

It seems that CEO John Chen knows how to handle a bittering fruit.

BlackBerry shares are up nearly 31% since the day Chen took over?in November. The stock is up for more or less 15% just this January, and is gradually increasing everyday.

Chen is famous for selling SYBASE software to SAP last 2010 when he saw that his own company was going nowhere but downhill.

“The market has spoken and we have listened” Chen said on one of his interviews. He also added that returning to the top may take some time, but they have a solid team with innovative engineers that will get their reputation back on top in spite of the bad publicity.

So what is next for BlackBerry?

Now that they are recovering for their great loss, consumers cannot help but ask about what they will get from it. Indeed, in spite of their great decline, BlackBerry is still one company which all of us are expecting to release innovative designs.

The Bitbag concludes that what BlackBerry really needs right now is their own application technology which can compete with Apple’s iOS and Samsung’s Android Technology. The needs and wants of the consumers are increasing, and that is one thing BlackBerry should adapt into.

The Bitbag will definitely keep you posted about the latest news about BlackBerry.

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