Blackberry Android Phone Photo Leaked! New Phone Looks Like Samsung Edge? Possible Features Revealed!

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BlackBerry hasn?t given up yet. The tenacity of the phone company may have given them a new lease on life that could put them back on the map. A leak of the new phone from BlackBerry has surfaced with a whole lot of new features that has users curiously looking in to the company?s new handheld device, shared by Mashable. BlackBerry first Android smartphone, codenamed ?Venice,? could be the start of something wonderful.

BlackBerry before and after

The previous leader of handheld devices has made a huge turn in this world where Android and iPhone devices have become the leading smartphone brands According to Mashable, it was hard to imagine a future without a BlackBerry in everyone?s hand. But because of companies moving away from keyboard-clad phones, the signature feature of BlackBerry had become obsolete.

In response to their declining business, the company released its premium services to other platform like their BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). And though they also released their updated version of the phones classic designs, there hasn?t been any dramatic turnaround, posted by Mashable.

But with the new move of BlackBerry turning to Android, this could mean a new path that may be likened to BlackBerry in its golden years.

The New Blackberry Android Smartphone

Previous months have shown us a first look at may be a BlackBerry handset running on an Android OS, according to Tech Radar, but the new leaked phone looks a lot more different. It features a curved display on the edges which looks like Samsung?s Galaxy S6 Edge. But the real difference that pops out is the slide-out keyboard it offers. Of course it wouldn?t be BlackBerry without its signature keyboard. The phone will also feature a 5.4-inch QHD screen, a 1.8GHz Snapdragon system on chip, an 18mp camera and 3GB of RAM, shared by Tech Radar.

So keep an eye out for BlackBerry as they work their way into becoming once again, one of the world?s leading handheld devices.

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