Black Spindle Destiny: The Taken King: How To Obtain Secret Mission And Weapon

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Everyone went nuts upon the discovery of a secret mission in Destiny and start to find it.

With the launch of Destiny: The Taken King expansion, more content has been surfaced and apparently a secret mission was accidentally discovered by a player when he was completing a Heroic mission when he wandered in the wrong direction and triggered a unique encounter.

Completing the said mission will reward players with the Black Spindle sniper weapon; which is an exotic weapon of the Black Hammer weapon. People start to hunt down the secret mission and many had failed while some managed to nab the quest reward. So here is how to find it.

The weapon can be obtained during the Daily Heroic version of the Lost to Light

Before leaving the area with a Hive Seeker, you will encounter a door with a single relic inside and another door with two of it, after taking the second door, another door will open in the distance. At the exit that requires three relics to be opened, turn right then head to the place where you fought the Taniks in the Shadow Thief strike, go up the gravity lift and walk until you reach the Traitor?s Ketch area, then you have to face the Taken and defeat them within 10 minutes. You will need a team of Light Level 280 to defeat the Taken in a shorter amount of time.

The primary objective there is to defeat the Driviks as they are a much powerful threat, be sure to take out the Blights as well to lessen the Taken spawn at the area. Having two guardians focusing on the Driviks while the rest on the other Taken can be an effective approach. Completing this will land you the Black Spindle weapon.

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