Black Pink On Running Man: Members Enjoy Guesting Amid Cancelled SBS Show’s Cast Issues

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Screenshot from Running Man YouTube page

Black Pink?s Running Man appearance pushed through amid the cancelled SBS show?s controversies. The members and remaining cast members proved to be true professionals as they played games, much to the delight of their fans.

The long-running variety program is currently under fire for unexpectedly removing some mainstays earlier this month. Many viewers believe that it influenced the recent decision of SBS and Running Man to end the series this coming 2017.

Highlights of Black Pink?s Running Man guesting

Nonetheless, Black Pink members enthusiastically participated in the show?s activities during their December 18 appearance.


Screenshot from Running Man YouTube page

One highlight was when Jisoo and Rose were pitted against each other in a fast break Q&A. With just five seconds to answer three questions, Running Man?s cast cracked up with the girls? every answer. ?

?Why were you in the bathroom for so long yesterday?? Jisoo asked Rose in one round. The latter responded by casually admitting that she did a ?number two,? causing everyone to laugh wildly.

Rose then asked Jisoo to reveal who her favorite YG Entertainment male celebrities are. The agency launched the quartet last August, with debut singles ?Boombayah? and ?Whistle? both breaking records.

?G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Seungri!? Jisoo answered before walking up the camera. ?Daesung, it?s not you!? she jokingly added, while pointing on screen.

Rose seemed caught off guard when Jisoo prodded about her complaints about Yang Hyun Suk. ?He doesn?t love me a lot!? she blurted out.

For the last question, Jisoo was cornered about three YG males that she does not want to be friends with. She answered G-Dragon and Daesung, but quickly waved her hands as if to apologize. ?I hope you won?t misunderstand!? she pleaded.

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Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook

It is unsure if Black Pink?s appearance would help calm Running Man?s disgruntled fans. The program has been making news lately after the departures of hosts Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook.

After showrunners initially cited scheduling conflicts, reps for the two revealed that they were actually unexpectedly removed. Reports detailed that they were only informed that they were out of the show almost before it was relayed to the media. In fact, the agency of Song Ji Hyo admitted that it has “not been a nice farewell” at all.

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Cancelled after six years

More reports then came out about the unprofessional removal of Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook. Eventually, it was confirmed over this previous weekend that Running Man would be cancelled.

The show’s ending has fuelled mixed reactions from fans online. Some are sad that one of Korea’s biggest programs will end. However, some pointed out that it would be better to cancel the show given the recent controversies about its hosts.

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