Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles Official Reveal This Thursday

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Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles Is Coming
The Black Ops 3 Zombies Mode [Image Courtesy Of Call Of Duty Website]

Aside from the run-of-the-mill shooting, Call of Duty is also known for the fun and addicting Zombies mode. Treyarch and Activision have more things in store for Call of Duty Black Ops 3 as the game’s Zombies mode could be expanded soon. With a reveal from Treyarch coming up, it looks like Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles is about to get its official reveal.

YouTuber JCbackfire had some surprising news for fans which he announced over at Twitter. According to the Call of Duty Let’s Player, Treyarch’s Jason Blundell will have something new to reveal over at JCbackfire’s YouTube channel this May 4. The reveal will be at 10 AM PT so players should tune in by then.

Charli INTEL confirms that Blundell, Senior Executive Producer for the Zombies Mode of Treyarch, will indeed be at JCbackfire’s YouTube channel this Thursday. Nothing is known with regards to what Blundell will be revealing but many signs are pointing to Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles finally getting its official reveal.

Late last month, a leaked Amazon listing revealed that Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles is coming. The listing reveals that eight remastered maps  will be coming to Black Ops 3 this June 27, a few weeks after E3 2017. A reveal this Thursday is just in time before the official release next month.

Moreover, fans of the shooter managed to grab a screenshot of the add-on’s ESRB rating. Redditor Iamanugget42 shares the said ESRB rating which has since been taken down. As expected, the game got a Mature rating from the ESRB and players should expect blood and guts in the next Zombies installment.

It’s more obvious that Zombies Chronicles is going to be revealed this Thursday because Blundell is the Senior Executive Producer of the Zombies Mode of Black Ops 3. It’s hard to think of what other things Blundell could reveal during his appearance at JCbackfire’s YouTube channel.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 launched back in 2015. The current talk of the community now is Call of Duty WW2 but even before that, developer Treyarch said they still have big things for their game. Treyarch expanding the Zombies mode of Black Ops 3 took fans by surprise as no one would expect the developer to add something new now that it’s been long since the release of their last Call of Duty entry. We’ll see how Zombies Chronicles sizes up this Thursday.

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