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Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles Release Date Leaked By Amazon [Rumor]

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black ops 3 zombie chronicles
Black Ops 3 might be getting the limelight again. [Image from Call of Duty YouTube channel]

Call of Duty has the worst luck when it comes to leaks, with Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles as proof. The company finally confirmed Call of Duty WW2 after some leaks and they might do so again for this. Like November’s upcoming shooter, Zombie Chronicles was heavily rumored after various leaks, even though it’s for an older game.

One fan on Reddit may have confirmed the release date, thanks to a message a fan got from Amazon UK. If true, we can expect to see Zombie Chronicles on June 27, which happens to be two weeks after E3. Should the expansion come to fruition, we might see a trailer for the zombie title in this year’s E3.

Guns, Guts and Gore

Before the Amazon leak, Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles was confirmed by a polish retailer, but was later taken down. A screenshot of the post surfaced on Reddit, confirming it would have the original game and all the zombie maps. Apparently, eight of those maps will be remastered, which should please fans of the shooter’s zombie mode.

Recent Call of Duty games have made the zombie mode a prominent feature of the series, even getting celebrity voiceovers. This is the first time the series will be getting a GOTY-style treatment focused on the zombies, so that’s interesting. Considering how Black Ops 3 is still more liked than Infinite Warfare – despite similar sci-fi influences – fans might enjoy this.

E3 Trailer?

Since Call of Duty WW2 was confirmed, we could also see Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles in E3 as well. If the June 27 release date is legitimate, there’s a good chance that a trailer will appear during the event. While a re-release for this older Call of Duty game, the eight remastered maps could ensure plenty of sales.

Activision has yet to comment on this possible re-release, but if it’s true, expect the company to unveil news soon. It didn’t take long for the company to unveil the newest Call of Duty game, which goes back to WW2. Expect this to get some spotlight as well, though it won’t overshadow the newer game that comes out in November.

The vanilla version of Black Ops 3 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. A version for last-gen consoles is also out, but it has no main campaign, infuriating many fans. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is also out now, with the Legacy Edition giving players exclusive access to Modern Warfare remastered.

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