Black Ops 3 Revelations: Super Easter Egg Update Releases Once Xbox One And PC DLC Goes Live?

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Black Ops 3 Revelations

Call of Duty Zombies fans are currently investigating a missing 10th achievement in theBlack Ops 3 Revelations map. Fans speculate that the new route may only be accessible once the Salvation?DLC?arrives on the Xbox One and PC. Will the Super Easter Egg be implemented in the upcoming release of the Black Ops 3 Revelations?map on other platforms?

Super Easter Egg?

According to smartguy316?s thread in the Call of Duty Zombies Reddit, there are only nine achievements added with the Salvations DLC pack. There are normally 10 achievements. Fans are speculating that the missing achievement will be another Call of Duty Zombies DLC.

Another Ending?

Most of the Black Ops 3 Revelations easter egg have already been found since the expansion was released earlier this month. It?s speculated that this ?Super Easter Egg? might be an alternate route in the Black Ops 3 Revelations map. According to COD Zombies HQ?s video, the currently found ending only continued the time loop. However, Samantha Maxis suggests that the ?loop? could be ended once and for all instead of just preventing the zombies from finding dimensions to infect. In this ?Super Easter Egg? route, players could possibly do a different string of easter eggs to trigger this loop stopping ending.

Xbox One and PC update

As disclosed on the official Call of Duty site, map packs arrive a month earlier on PlayStation 4 than other platforms. It?s possible that developer Treyarch may extend the Call of Duty Zombies easter egg hunt if they release one ending later than the other. Potentially, the existence of the ?Super Easter Egg? in an update could make the Call of Duty Zombies fanbase get back on the case and solve the mystery.

Players can only wait for Salvation?s release on Xbox One and PC to see if this speculation is true. For now, players may take the ?Primis? ending route of the Call of Duty Zombies to find any hints to an alternate route. Who knows, we might not be done with Revelations yet even if we solved one ending in the map.

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