Black Ops 3 Revelations Easter Eggs: How To Get The First Four Easter Egg Steps

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Black Ops 3 Revelations Easter Eggs

Recently, Call of Duty Zombies fans were able to figure out four large Black Ops 3 Revelations easter eggs. Despite their major findings, nobody knows if they?re actually close to the main easter egg of the map. However, some easter eggs need to be triggered before you can start the other one. Here?s a guide on how to get all the four discovered Black Ops 3 revelations easter eggs.

Gravestone Easter Egg

According to ZeBraTurtieHD?s thread in the Call of Duty Zombies Reddit, players will find tombstones bearing the names of the playable characters. Players must shoot the gravestones in the order of souls taken in the previous Zombie maps. It?ll go Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai or for those who have no idea shoot the 2nd, 3rd, 1st, and 4th tombstones. Four red flames will show up if you do this step correctly.

Rock Easter Egg

A rock will appear on one of the map?s jump pads after successfully triggering the gravestone Black Ops 3 Revelations easter egg. The rock could potentially appear in the Mob of the Dead, Shangri-La or Verruckt jump pads in the map. If you find the rock, bring a keeper protector to the rock and protect it from the zombies. The keeper will drop a film reel once its done with the ritual. Film reels can played on the radios found on the map and holds more details about Call of Duty Zombies lore.

Lil Arnie Easter Egg

For the next easter egg film reels, players will need Lil Arnies to throw inside 9 holes inside the Heart of the Apothicon portion of the map. Special enemies will spawn after successfully filling three holes so be ready to fight. The film reel will appear once you?ve defeated all three waves of these special foes.

Bones Easter Egg

After getting the two reels, players will now go on a literal Black Ops 3 Revelations easter egg hunt but with bones. These bones must be shot with an upgraded gun and retrieved using an upgraded Apothican Servant to put in your inventory. Here are the list of the locations of the parts needed to complete the Bones Easter Egg

However, the fans still don?t know what to do with these bones as of the moment. Fans believe it?ll somehow help you find the next step if you collect these bones. Make sure to leave no stone unturned and notice every change for a chance to find the next Black Ops 3 Revelations Easter Egg step for yourself or the community to enjoy. Stay updated for more Call of Duty Zombies news here on TheBitBag.

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