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Black Ops 3: Easter Eggs Guide on Revelations Zombie Map

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Black Ops 3

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 has been out for almost a year. The game?s final expansion is now available, The Revelation. The expansion features four more multiplayer maps for the game, along with the Zombie map.

Revelations is the last zombie map from Treyarch, for a few years at least. Hence, Treyarch gave everything they got, packing the last map with a massive number of Easter Eggs. As usual, the players of Black Ops 3 Zombie maps are always spending their time memorizing the map.

CoD: Black Ops 3 Easter Eggs

Before finding the Easter Eggs that are scattered on the map. The players were familiarizing themselves with the map, as it may become fairly dangerous at higher rounds. It is imperative that the players form a team of friends to communicate better and to act as one.

Black Ops 3

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However, it is also possible to complete the ?A Better Tomorrow? Easter Egg in solo. There will be a video below, in courtesy of GameRant and the YouTuber, MrDalekJD. CoD: Black Ops 3 Easter Egg guide can also be found below.


Turning The Power On

Usually, enabling the power within a Zombies map is fairly easy. However, it is a different situation in the Revelations Zombie map as it is very complex. Instead of activating just one switch, the players are required to activate four generators, Corruption Engines.

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Floating Tombstones

The floating Tombstone can be located near the spawn point, along with the Corruption Engine. There are four Tombstones in total?and represents the original four Zombie characters. These Tombstones are required to be shot in a specific order.

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Summoning The Keeper

The players are required to gather the required parts to build the summoning Altar. These parts can appear in random places in Origins, Verruckt, Kino der Toten, Mob of the Dead and Der Eisendranche.

After collecting the required materials, the players are required to bring them to the specific areas. After taking them to different kinds of places, the players will be able to build the summoning Altar.

Locating a Pack-a-Punch

The weapon upgrade machine seems to be located inside the giant beast, Apothicon. However, activating the four Corruption Engines are required at this point, in order to advance.

After completing the Easter Egg, the players will be required to finish the storyline. The storyline starter way back in 2008, during the CoD World at War. For More CoD Black Ops 3, stay tuned at TheBitBag

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