Black Mirror Season 4 Canceled? Who Could Save the Series? Impending End?

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Netflix?s Black Mirror fans are thirsting for more after they were drawn by the futuristic stories of Season 3. However, rumors claim that Black Mirror Season 4?has been canceled. Why?

Read on to find out.

Black Mirror Canceled? Or renewed?

Luckily, you can now scrap the former option. Black Mirror season 4 will only be renewed with a couple of episodes missing.

According to News Everyday, Black Mirror Season 4 might have lesser episodes compared to its predecessor. Nonetheless, it will continue its airtime, come 2017. Netflix has yet to confirm this, however, online gossips hint that the next installment is set between the months of September and October.

Moreover, for the record, the next season might feature 10 episodes only. Well, it is still ?better than nothing to watch out for at all.

Black Mirror Season 4

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Black Mirror Cancelled: The recap

The past season, as we all remember, starred celebrities like Jon Hamm, Haley Atwell, and Tobias Menzies. The six-episode run also featured special participations from the likes of Bryce Dallas Howard, James Norton, Cherry Jones, Wyatt Russell, Mackenzie Davis, Michael Kelly, Malachi Kirby and Kelly McDonald.

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Now, the Netflix baby adds another big-time artist, Director Jodie Foster. The renowned TV and Film actress finally made her entry in the director?s room. She is set to steer the episodes of?Black Mirror?season 4, which will showcase Rosemarie DeWitt too.

As per the Movie News Guide, Black Mirror?explores the dark world of digital life. It first aired in the United Kingdom last 2011 before Netflix acquired its franchise only in 2015. The series confronts the terrifying reality of modern technology.

And, yes, it is the same technology we often take for granted, on a daily basis.?Black Mirror?has previously aired its two seasons on the Channel 4 network.

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