Black Friday Sale 2016: The Best Online Deals and Shopping Tips So That You Don?t Have To Turn Black and Blue

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Black Friday Sale 2016
Black Friday Sale 2016

Retailers have found out the hard way that Black Friday Sale brings out the worst in people. Yes, this is the best time for them to rake in massive revenues. But what the shoppers need to go through to get those big discounts is, um, quite unhealthy. You get punched in the face, elbowed, pushed, shoved, kicked–you name it, you’ll have it! So maybe it?s time to change up the things for the Black Friday Sale 2016.

What to do then? Be in the know about the dates, the stores, the sites, the products and the prices so you know exactly what you’re looking for. The good news is that retailers have learned their lessons the hard way. They no longer do this as a one day, few hours wrestling event. Instead, they stretch it for days, some even weeks so that more people have more time to purchase the products on their ‘wish list’.

Black Friday Sale 2016 List

First up on the Black Friday Sale 2016 list is Amazon. They started on Monday, November 14 and will end at exactly 23:59 on Friday, November 25 and not a minute later. Check out some of their best deals here. eBay was also an early bird which launched its sale a week early. According to Murray Lambell, senior director of Trading at eBay U.K., “Consumers are now looking for much more than tech deals. That’s why we are championing sellers from fashion and home and garden, as well as tech, so shoppers can enjoy unbeatable variety and choice.”

Walmart, on the other hand, said it’s not waiving its minimum order size requirement for free shipping this holiday season. Shoppers still need to order at least $50 worth of items. But this is really moot according to the company since 90 percent of its orders from Thanksgiving up to Monday met that threshold anyway. It’s also pushing the in-store pickup of online orders option. They reportedly have invested greatly in overhauling and staff for this.

So exactly what do you do in order to get the best deals? Not to mention not get punched in the face?

Black Friday Sale 2016 Tips

Be informed. Sign up for store emails so you’re in the know if there’s something worth your while. Some offer 30-day free trial period with its deals. However, these are still subject to availability and begins at specific times.

Store Hours. Make sure you know when stores open if you plan on visiting them. Go there ahead of time especially if they plan to open much earlier. That way you beat the crowds.

Don’t be hasty. Do your homework and make sure you know everything about the product you’re getting. Look up customer reviews, ask friends and family who actually bought the item. Compare prices. This will save you a lot of time and effort. The better chances you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Download the apps. Industry experts believe a lot of Black Friday sales will go mobile this year. So be smart and download store apps. Make sure your payment details are properly loaded in your device. Good luck!

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