Black Friday Deals Update: Amazon Alexa Can Help You Find the Best Deals on Amazon

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Black Friday is just around the corner and for some, it?s a struggle to check on the latest offers going through catalogs and ads. Amazon Alexa is offering one of the easiest and most practical way to check and shop for the latest offers online. Prime members of online retailer Amazon will get some of the best exclusive deals when they order through one of Amazon?s Alexa enabled devices.

These devices include Amazon Echo or Tap, which members can access by asking ?Alexa, what are your deals?? Alexa will respond with the latest Amazon offers and will make a follow up question whether or not you want the service to order the item for you.

Amazon Alexa’s Black Friday Deals

Amazon Alexa offers deals that have been available since Friday, November 17 until Monday, November 21. In particular, deals include a 32-inch Samsung TV ($119), a $15 off a Philips Hue LED light bulb starter kit ($54.99), and a $30 off a Sphero Star Wars BB-8 app controlled robot ($97.99).

Home products offered by Amazon Alexa include Dove Bar Soaps at a 10 percent discount and 24-pack of V8 energy drinks at a 35 percent discount. More products are offered by Amazon Alexa, but so far, these are among the most ordered products from the list.


Meanwhile, this is the first time that Amazon will use its interactive shopping assistant and Alexa will join Google and Apple in using the automated home assistant products. Unfortunately, you need to be a Prime member in order to avail of Alexa?s services. According to TIME, owners of the Alexa device, who have not availed of the Amazon Prime membership, can still avail of the discounted offer of $79 from the original price of $99.

Regions in the U.K. and Germany recently acquired the Amazon Echo; enabling them to use the Amazon Alexa service for their Black Friday deals inquiry. CNBC cited Apple?s Siri and Google Assistant as the current leaders in the AI technology. This latest integrated shopping technology led to predictions that smart audio hardware will pick up in revenue by the year 2020.

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