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Black Friday 2016 Steam Sale Predictions: What Are The Offers

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2016 Steam Autumn Sale
Black Friday 2016 Steam Sale

The Holiday Season is on and stores are already teasing the latest deals on the mobiles, tablets, PCs, gaming consoles and other electronic gadgets. As usual there will pretty exciting deals for gamers but high on gaming enthusiasts list is Black Friday 2016 Steam Sales.

Steam Black Friday 2016

Those gamers who missed the Steam Halloween sale have the Black Friday sale to look forward to. In fact Steam gamers are in for treat as Valve Corporation gives a week long sale for their subscribers. Typically, Valve kicks off its holiday sales just before the actual holiday, with the Autumn sale lasting about a week, and the Winter sale typically wrapping up just after New Year’s Day.

The dates for both the Autumn and Winter sales have been leaked, reported Gamenguide.com. Apparently the sale dates were leaked by Twitter user lashman, a reliable source for information on upcoming Steam items.

“Not that it’s unexpected or news really, but here are the dates for the next 2 steam sales 🙂 you’re welcome,” the user wrote.

The leaked dates are as follows:

Autumn Sale: Starts November 23 at 12:50 PM ET and runs through November 29 at 1:10 PM ET.
Winter Sale: Starts December 22 at 12:50 PM ET and runs through January 2, 2017, at 1:10 PM ET.

However, the dates are not official as of yet so you can stay tuned to Steam Games twitter handle for confirmation.

Steam Sale Predictions

Nothing is yet known for the possible game titles that will be discounted for the Steam Autumn Sale 2016. Gamers hope to catch some of the triple AAA titles. Though we can?t sure predict which of the game will get the discounted, but high on list possibly is the No Man?s Sky. The controversial game from Hello Games studio turned to be a major disappointment. The least the developers can do is give discount on the game.

Steam Weekend Offers

Though Steam Autumn Sale titles remain elusive, Steam has several free games offers as part of its weekend sales. Tactical first-person shooter Squad is available to play for free on Steam until Sunday, November 13, at 1 PM PT. If case you want to keep playing past its free promotion, Squad is discounted to $20, while the soundtrack is $3 down from $6. Additionally, both can be purchased in a bundle for $22.

Other games available for free this weekend include Rainbow Six Siege and Dirt 3. Siege is free until Sunday at 1 PM PT and also it’s discounted to $25 to permanently play it. Dirt 3, on the other hand, is part of a giveaway on the Humble Store until November 12 at 10 AM PT, but once you claim your free Steam code, you’ll get to keep it forever. The grotesque stealth-strategy game Party Hard is on sale for $6.45. All of the discounts mentioned in this article are good until Monday, November 14, at 10 AM PT.

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