Black Friday 2016 Amazon, Target, Best Buy Deals For Apple, Samsung and More

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Black Friday 2016

Anyone thinking about refreshing their tech gadgets probably could not have picked a better time to do so. Black Friday 2016 deals are just some of the best deals anyone must not miss. Stores like Best Buy, Target, and even Amazon have already announced their plans on Black Friday. Some of them include direct discounts while some in the form of store credits. Here is our list of Black Friday 2016 deals.

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Amazon has announced that it will be showcasing a new product on-sale every five minutes until Black Friday. On top of this, on-going sale includes the Asus ZenFone Zoom for $249 from the $399 original price.


Target?s Black Friday 2016 deals are more on Apple products. Anyone looking forward to an iPhone or an iPad can head to a Target store on Black Friday. Discounts starting from $70 on the iPad Mini 2 to $150 on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

Those who are thinking about getting an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus can enjoy the zero percent down payment including a $250 Target Gift Card. AppleTVs are also available at 25 percent off.

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Best Buy

In case you grow bored of the usual Apple product, you can head to Best Buy and get the Huawei Honor 8 for $350, original price is $400. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is available for $670 from $780. Meanwhile, the Sony Xperia X Compact can be snatched for just $399.


Android fans can enjoy a smorgasbord of handset from Verizon starting with the new Google Pixel phone. The new phone from Google can be nabbed from Verizon for just $10 a month for two years. This gives consumers as much as $400 in savings over the course of the entire payment plan. In Addition to the Pixel, the Samsung S7 and Moto Z Droid can also be availed from the same promotion.

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Sam?s Club

Sam?s Club offers as much as $250 worth of gift cards including waived activation fees on any iPhone and Galaxy S7. For tablet users, the iPad Pro comes with a $175 discount while the Galaxy Tab A is offered at $188.

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