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Black Desert Online Is Heading To North America, Details Here!

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The anticipated South Korean MMO game is getting an official launch in Western countries.

Finally the long awaited announcement for the Western release of Black Desert Online is here. Daum Games Europe, one of the Western division from the Korean publisher has announced on their press release that Black Desert Online will be available in early 2016 and will be offering a buy-to-play business model, similar that to NCSoft?s Guild Wars 2.

Project Manager Daniel Loehr has stated: ?We are putting a lot of effort in the game?s Western localization. We are localizing approximate 2.5 million words into English, German and French. Black Desert Online?s content and gameplay sytems will be adjusted to accommodate Western players and our differentiating business mode?

Black Desert is a sandbox-oriented fantasy MMORPG created by Korean game developer Pearl Abyss, the promises to have incredible visuals and uses the Black Desert engine where it can handle fast rendering for a seamless world and large scale area such as castles for sieges. The game has been in development since 2010 and conducted a series of closed beta tests since 2013. It will also feature a unique game system where it will be more open for Player versus Player content and other activities such as growing crops and taming animals.

The decision to make the game buy-to-play can be risky, especially when the game is free-to-play in other countries such as in South Korea, as Black Desert will still offer microtransactions, which is a big letdown to players since they have to pay for the game as have to pay more to get more content from the game. You can check out the trailer for the game to give you an idea on how impressive Black Desert is.

You can also check out more about Black Desert from their official website


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