Blac Chyna Gives Birth to Dream, Performs Mannequin Challenge While in Labor with Kris Jenner, Rob Kardashian [Video]

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Blac Chyna ?and Rob Kardashian just welcomed ?a little angel Dream Renee into their world on Thursday morning. The model has made her labor pain the most memorable day of her life by posing for the Mannequin challenge prior her delivery.

Although Blac faked the labor pain for adding more fun to the challenge, she has nailed the challenge in the most epic manner. She?s not the only one to follow the viral trend, the rest of the family members also became the part of this epic pose including Kris Jenner, fianc? Rob Kardashian and mother Tokyo Toni and many other friends and relatives.

Mannequin Challenge in Labor Pain!

One can see the best output as the entire Dream-Team posed for rocking this viral trend. Kris stands over the Blac?s bed, while Tokyo is seen holding her daughter?s hand. While the fianc? posed for desperately waiting to see his baby and the rest of the relatives was busy recording the epic moment.

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The challenge is truly a work of art and the actors were stunningly managed to pull it off. The newly dad and mom couldn?t stop themselves from sharing the hilarious video along with the beautiful picture of their daughter Dream.

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Breaking Protocols with Mannequin Challenge

Every success and popularity come at a cost. Undoubtedly, the Jenner and the Kardashians have gained immense popularity over the internet by combining two events together. They are in big trouble, as they broke hospital?s protocol that prevents anyone from recording on the premises.

Chyna and her beau are paying $4000 a day for staying in the luxurious maternity suite. The couple has selected the same hospital where Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian have previously given birth to their children. ?After Dream?s birth, Blac and Rob are going to reside in their separate houses as the model wants a healthy environment for her newborn.

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