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Biz Stone: Co-Founder of Twitter Unfurls ?Jelly?, a Visual Query App

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Jelly-3Biz Stone: Co-Founder of Twitter Unfurls ?Jelly?, a Visual Query App

The technology world has been eagerly awaiting what Christopher Isaac ?Biz? Stone, co-founder and co-inventor of microblogging site Twitter, will come up with ever since he left the company a few years ago. Last year, he teased his fans about a mysterious new product that he was working on called ?Jelly?.

A week ago, he finally removed the mystery and unwrapped a workable product. The app, which Jelly-1is called ?Jelly?, ?is a social search engine app that lets users pose ?visual questions? using their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Jelly users can pose questions ? in a visual manner- to their friends and contacts and receive answers on these queries.

Biz Stone, who is also the CEO of the company ? Jelly Industries – , said in a phone interview that ? What we?re really doing is taking full advantage of what makes mobile mobile: the brevity, the location, the shortness of the answers?.

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Video: Jelly ? The New App from Biz Stone ( Pets & Animals / YouTube)


Jelly-2The company’s blog also announced that Jelly, the app, is available for both Apple iOS and Android devices. It added that Jelly aims to differentiate the search for data and information by using human contacts instead of search algorithms like the Google or Bing search engines.

The company also posted that ? No matter how sophisticated our algorithms become, they are still no match for the experience, inventiveness, and creativity of the human mind ?…Jelly is a new way to search and something more ? it makes helping other people easy and fun.?

Some critics say that Jelly is no different than asking someone a question on your Facebook wall or Twitter feed. They do after all reach the same people in those accounts.

Jelly however maintains that they are emphasizing the spirit of altruism or people’s desire to help each other as their main product Jelly-4feature. In fact, the company opted to use the slogan ?Let’s help each other? and the logo of a jellyfish.

On the logo, the company explained that the jellyfish is like ?a loose network of nerves that act as a ?brain? similar to the way we envision loosely distributed networks of people coordinating via Jelly to help each other.?

In the interview with Mr. Stone, he clarified that the queries a Jelly user posts does not get ?blasted? to all contacts and friends but only to a select chosen group. And how does Jelly determine who gets sent what? Of course, by the all powerful ?algorithm?.

This algorithm or formula is jokingly called Finkelrank by the Jelly company and is named after the chief tech officer and co-founder of Jelly, Mr. Ben Finkel.

Mr. Biz Stone said that the concept of Jelly is to find the right person who can give the best answer to your question, or at least knows a person who does. He added that ?We hope it will get more sophisticated over time.?

Still puzzled how Jelly works?

Watch out for more information about Jelly in upcoming news features here at The Bitbag. (Note: I have just downloaded the app on iOs and will take it out for a spin).

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