Bixby vs Google Assistant: Which Android Digital Assistant Works The Hardest?

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Bixby digital assistant unveiled with Galaxy S8

Personal digital assistants are slowly becoming mainstream as the years progress. Starting with Siri, consumers do not have a collection of other mobile device digital assistants. At the moment, there are two digital assistants for the Android operating system trying to vie for the top place. Samsung has Bixby, while Google has the Google Assistant. Which of these two are better and deserve to be called a proper digital assistant for the Android OS.


Samsung just unveiled the Galaxy S8 yesterday. And with it, the company also announced its integration with the company’s very own digital assistant, Bixby. While the sound does not really exude confidence, it is quite sophisticated and power-packed at the same time.

In a normal sense, a digital assistant can help users set appointments, search the web and quite possibly order something online. However, Bixby extends its functionality beyond that. For one, it can do more than take orders and find stuff on the Internet, it can also take full control of the phone itself.

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Furthermore, Bixby is deeply integrated with machine learning so it gets better the more you use it. It learns the user’s habits on how the phone is being used. In addition to this, learning is also contextual. Meaning, it can understand the succeeding command based on the previous one.

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is slightly older than Bixby. While it works predominantly on Google devices like the Pixel and Nexus, the search giant just released the app to other Android devices recently.

Unfortunately, at the moment, it does not offer the same control that Bixby has. However, just like Bixby, the Google Assistant is also contextual. Furthermore, with Google’s very own algorithm, the Google Assistant can provide more precise answers and responses.

Both of these digital assistants are far from perfect. Just like Siri, which for some reason is lagging behind, a lot of things can still be done to improve them. However, from what it seems, Bixby is somewhat ahead of the game as it features full hardware control instead of just the usual Internet searches. For more tech updates, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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