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The BitBag says……………

Game Night Is On! TONIGHT Which means hop on your PS3 with your fellow BitBag crew. be on we’ll be battling it out in Socom on PS3 this week. REMEMBER Xbox360 game night is next week. So send ME SUGGESTIONS on what games you will love to play.

Want to get on board?

Add ErlFly_007 to the PSN, follow me into Socom on PS3 and we will begin to play!!
Sounds simple enough, right? It is! All you need to do is log on at 9:00 p.m. (Central Standard Time)

Thanks to everyone in advance for participating and we hope to see you there Saturday Night May 16,2009! Look for additional game nights each Saturday same time, same place. We will be alternating game systems and games so if you have any ides or requests shoot me an email

See you all tonight!

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