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The Bitbag in 2014, Technology & Gaming, & My Son’s iPad Mini

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Bitbagname12014: Technology and Gaming is the thing.

As we enter the new year, we at The Bitbag have a big surprise for the thousands of followers and readers of our technology and gaming posts. As many of our long time readers know, The Bitbag started out as a technology and gaming news site.

We tried out some new and different ideas in 2013 and we will continue to introduce innovative and exciting features for the months to come.

We have not forgotten our roots however and we are happy to announce that we will be featuring more articles on the latest The-Bitbag-Blur-Game-Night-600news in technology and gaming.

We will still be coming up with articles that will feature entertainment and other topics and formats like the ones found in our Bitmania posts. We will also be introducing ?How To Technology Guides? that will surely help our readers in understanding and using the latest gadgets, software and Apps.

For our tech and gaming readers this 2014, make sure to visit The Bitbag everyday.


My son and his iPad Mini.

ipadminiTalking about technology and gaming……and children. As Christmas 2013 was getting near, my ten year old son, Luke, was dreaming of an iPad Mini as a Christmas gift. And he made sure that his Mom and I knew what he wanted.

We tried to explain to him in the most gentle manner that it was too expensive a gift, especially for a ten year old. We also knew how many people felt about giving expensive gadgets to young children.

Still, we didn’t want to be a total ?Grinch? and told him that if he managed to save up, including the monetary gifts he might be receiving for Christmas, then we would see if it would be enough to even perhaps get a 2nd hand iPad from eBay.

When Christmas day came, and Boxing day beckoned ( for those who are not aware, Boxing day in Australia has nothing to do with the Manny Pacquiao and Floydipadmini2 Mayweather Jr. ?…. Boxing day is described by wikipedia as ? Boxing Day?is traditionally the day following Christmas Day, when servants and?tradesmen?would receive gifts, known as a “Christmas box”, from their bosses or employers. ? It is also where many stores hold Boxing day Sales and a lot of items are marked down, just like Black Friday Sales in the United Sates), we found that he had enough money to purchase a 16 GB iPad Mini Wifi (older model) at Dick Smith who wonderfully keeps stock of the older models ( to be read as cheaper – price: Aus$301.00 ).

So it happened that he had a very happy Christmas after all.

For getting children expensive gadgets, we will leave it to the child experts to debate over the benefits and pitfalls of this practice. What we do know at this point, 7 days into the new year, is, it is turning out to be a practical gift after all.

Not only can he access his favorite YouTube videos, he also has been able to download ( for Free) 16 Apps from games like Chess, Scribblenauts, Trace & HeadEsploder, to movie viewing Apps like Cartoon HD and Naruto Fan.

We are hoping that once he gets over the excitement of the countless games he can download (again, for Free!), he’ll get to use some of the more educational apps available.


With my son and The Bitbag, I am looking forward to more experiences on technology and gaming this 2014 and beyond.

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