Birthdays The Beginning: PS4/PC Game Inspired By Doraemon

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Simulation games are a fad nowadays, from building farms to tending animals and even making your own town. But it would be much more exciting if you play the role of a god. Birthdays the Beginning gives you just that same feel.

If you enjoy playing the iconic game Harvest Moon, then you are in for a treat with Birthdays the Beginning. Yasuhiro Wada, the father of Harvest Moon, has created another vibrant, good game that focuses on simple and easy to understand mechanics.

Wada told GameSpot that he originally got the idea while he was reading a chapter of Doraemon. In this chapter, there is a device called ?Genesis Set.? This allows anybody to create a miniature world of their own. Sadly, Nobita was not able to enter the world he created. This sparked the curiosity of Wada. What if Nobita was able to enter the Genesis Set? This was the start of the game’s concept.

In Birthdays the Beginnings, you start off as a god that creates your own world. You will first create a cube-shaped world on a grid. There you get to manipulate the temperature of the atmosphere by adjusting the topography of the land. From there, you get to create a diverse array of creatures ranging from a single celled microorganism to dinosaurs. You can also make the world according to your desires.

The game is divided into two modes. First is the Build mode which is described above. To add to the feature, you can create mountains, terrains, valleys and many more. The next one is the Macro mode where you can fast forward the time in your game to see the birthing process of your creation.

The players will constantly change in between these modes inBirthdays the Beginning. They need to be aware of the surroundings and the changes that will occur as time passes. Better study the geography and temperature of your world if you want to spawn hundreds of life forms.

If you enjoy playing Sims and Harvest Moon, this new god simulator game is a good addition to your gaming list. For more gaming news, keep it right here on TheBitBag.

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