Bioware’s ‘Nightmare’ Teaser Trailer Unveiled

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The new teaser trailer for BioWare?s “Nightmare” has been released, and it?s apparent that the title is the next project of the firm. The 40-seconder video shows a man who wakes up while in bed, still hazy from his nightmare. In it, viewers will see broken lamps, a man sporting a suit and smoke for a face, and a ring of fire among many other creepy and ominous things. The video has been made in such a way that for those who watch it at night, they only wish they didn?t.

Only a few people were able to receive the video, as it was sent out only to selected fans. An email that says “You’ve Been Chosen” was sent out to these lucky people, with the body containing a link to the site: There?s not too much in the site as of now, but it does feature some content which are basically texts relating to the new teaser trailer. “The time is near. They are watching. Your power is rising. Cologne, Germany. You’ve Been Chosen. Watch the new ‘Nightmare’ teaser from BioWare,? is what the text says.

For the uninitiated ones out there, Cologne is actually the location of the Gamescom convention. It is an event that happens every year, with this year being set to take place starting August 13 all the way to August 17.

USGamer made a report early this year that developer BioWare had plans of collaborating with FailBetter Games, the developer responsible for the creation of Fallen London, for a new project. Nightmare is probably what the report was talking about. However, if more information will not be revealed prior to Gamescom, everyone has to wait ?longer. This is to better understand what the new game is really all about, and hopefully, news will be out before the convention.

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