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Bioware: ‘Help Us Make Mass Effect 4 the Best One Yet?

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Bioware?s Mass Effect series is without a doubt one of the best games we have seen in the past decade. With each of its three episodes increasingly getting better ratings, Bioware is looking to make the next installment even better and they are asking for your help!

Michael Gamble, producer of the Mass Effect series, tweeted Tuesday encouraging fans to take part in their survey to help improve the game. He says he wants to make Mass Effect 4 the best one yet.

The survey is short and can be answered in just a couple of minutes. The questions are simple and pretty much everything can be answered by checking boxes. Some questions include the types of games you play, the aspects of a game that you are looking for, and the amount of hours you play in a week.

And it seems that a lot of players have already taken part in the survey. This certainly means a lot of Mass Effect players are excited to see what?s in store for them.

So here?s your chance Mass Effect fans! Take part in the survey and spread the news to help the developers create a better game experience for us.

The Mass Effect series is a futuristic Action-RPG developed by Bioware. The developers have only showed us a glimpse of Mass Effect 4 during E3 2014. However, they did not provide any gameplay footage. Bioware has not officially announced the release date for the fourth episode although this suggests that the game may still have a long way to go. Reports say the game will be released in 2015 but there have been speculations that it will be ready by December of this year.

Aside from Mass Effect, Bioware is also popular for making other AAA games such as the Dragon Age series. The developers are also reportedly ?using the same tools in Dragon Age for Mass Effect 4.

Are you excited too for the next episode of Mass Effect?

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