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Bioshock: Simulating Violence is Easy

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Violence is common to most of the video games that are available in the market today. Some video games are even way too bloody with a great amount of gore and sexual explicit content. But, you can?t just blame video games as the result of why your children are violent. Every game has an indicator whether it is appropriate for your child to play these types of games.

But what does Ken Levine, creator of Bioshock, say about violence in video games? Let?s hear him out.

Bioshock has been known to be one of the bloodiest and goriest video games in history. I do not know why, but seeing a limb being torn apart seems to be appealing for the majority of gamers. According to Ken Levine, there is so much violence in video games because it is easy to simulate.

Technically speaking, it is much easier to create a bloody scene and that is what people want. Video games have progressed way too far from jumping off blocks to chopping down heads. In an interview with NPR, Levine stated;

“One of the reasons there’s been a lot of violence in video games is because it’s relatively easy to simulate.?

?And generally it’s been ? like action movies, there’s an easily perceivable market for it. I think the reaction to the violence is more an expression of people building confidence in the industry’s ability to express itself in more diverse fashions.”

Levine is behind the success of BioShock: Infinite, which has sold 6 million copies worldwide. Fans have been wondering if violence was involved during the shipment of those copies. Additionally, he stated that although there were interesting questions about the violence of BioShock being brought up; creating BioShock would not have been a success without violence when he had it in mind.

Furthermore, he stated that non-violent components to first-person shooting games would be odd. Future development of the Bioshock series is expected to contain more violence. Even so, violent games do not make a violent man, lag does.


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