BioShock Remastered Release Updates: 2k Releases Sneak Peek, BioShock Infinite PC Soon?

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?BioShock Remastered release updates are now the buzz as 2k released a sneak peek footage of the award-winning game. The video titled Revisit the Rapture showcased a little bit of the changes between the old BioShock and BioShock Remastered. It focused on eerie scenery and the beauty of the place, Rapture.

BioShock Remastered is a shooting game unlike any other, combined with a mass variety of weapons and inhuman like abilities obtainable throughout the game.

It?s been nine years since 2K released the terrifying adventure game, and they announced that everyone who owns any of the BioShock game on PC except BioShock Infinite, will receive a remastered version for free.

The remaster includes an overhaul to the graphical quality. It improves Textures, Shadows, Lightings and other game mechanics which adds more intensity to the gameplay. It also improves the resolution and frame-rate for the current generation console versions. BioShock Remastered updates the console version and now runs at 60 Frames per second in 1080P,

As seen on the Sneak Peek footage, there is a visible amount of changes when it comes to graphics, view it here ?Revisit The Rapture?, ?

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The special edition of the game, BioShock: The Collection includes all of the three BioShock games, with the never before seen video series ?Director?s Commentary: Imagining BioShock?, it includes insights from Ken Levine, who led the creation of the Bioshock series.

The BioShock Remastered Collection Edition will be available for Xbox One,Playstation 4 and PC. But if the person already owns BioShock, BioShock 2 and/or Minerva?s Den on steam, it will be an automatic entitlement to a free upgrade to the remastered version of the games.

This is a good time to play the game at a higher framerate and higher resolution. For the people who haven?t got the chance to play it on the last generation consoles after Microsoft cancelled their Backwards Compatibility plan on some games for Xbox One.

BioShock Remastered will be available in North America on September 13, Australia on September 15, and surface internationally on September 16. However, 2k specified that there will be NO Bioshock Infinite Remastered on PC as it already runs well at modern settings according to 2k on their Youtube comment section.

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