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Bioshock Remastered News: Brand New Content Detailed by 2K

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Bioshock The Collection

The BioShock Remastered Collection is looking pretty exciting despite being a game that features a few old titles. Aside from updated graphics and visuals, 2K is also looking to bring new features to the game. This gives players who?ve finished the game before, more reasons to play it again. Recently, 2K revealed a few new content coming to the game.

The developer recently revealed more new content for BioShock Remastered. The video posted on the PlayStation Blog says that the game will have unlockables. These unlockables will be developer commentaries that would give deeper insight on the entire BioShock series.

What Are These Commentaries?

The new collectibles will be hidden throughout the game. These collectibles might be scattered and hidden very carefully so players have to keep a close eye out for them. The developer commentaries can then be viewed from the game?s menu once unlocked. Players can?t play the game while the commentary is playing and vice versa.

We?ve yet to know what the developer commentaries will be about. It?s possible that the people behind the game will be talking about the process they went through for the three games. Fans could also get more information on the lore of the entire series; including some stories not revealed in the game.

Those who can?t find the developer commentaries throughout the games shouldn?t feel too bad. The developer commentaries will be unlocked and viewable on YouTube, a week after the game?s release. The only advantage in getting it early is that players will get to view it first.

BioShock Remastered or BioShock The Collection will launch on September 13. It will be playable on the PC, the PS4 and the Xbox One. Fans can expect updated visuals for the first two games. BioShock Infinite, on the other hand, will stay the same.

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