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BioShock Remastered on PC Looks and Performs Worse[Fixes Included]

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Apparently, BioShock Remastered Edition looks worse on PC than the original. Three games in the franchise have been remastered. Three of them also made their first appearance on current-gen consoles.

BioShock Remastered Issues

The remastered version of BioShock and BioShock 2 launched to PC platform yesterday. However, the reviews in Steam have warned the other players. The Steam reviews of the game served as a restriction?before the players return to Rapture.

The remastered games were plagued with issues, according to user reviews. Some of the issues from the original PC release was carried over. The issues include sensitivity problems and mouse acceleration.

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While the other issues are into graphics including the lack of texture options. According to the Steam user, Hotshot: ?The remaster looks just like the original with a slight improvement on lighting and sharper texture.?


User Reviews

?BioShock looks great in 1080P?when it wants to behave well. The problem is, the game stutters and most of the players experience crashes.? He added. Another problem is the difficulty of the game randomly resets.

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Additionally, another user has stated that the game won?t even launch. The same person also stated that the game?s intro can?t be skipped. Despite the praise in new textures, most of the people think it?s not worth the purchase.

One of the Reddit users who happens to found a way to fix the mouse issue had shared it. The fix involves tweaking the program files via editor. Furthermore, graphics settings can be changed as well.

An interview with the original creator Ken Levine has revealed that he?s not involved. He stated that he has nothing to do with 2K and Blind Squirrel’s lazy port. On the other hand, most of the PC users acquired the games for free.

Patch/Fix Incoming

According to 2K, they have received the complaints and are working to fix BioShock. Apparently, an upcoming update for the game should resolve the issues. 2K said that they heard the players and are happy to say that they?re fixing the issues.

Apparently, an upcoming patch will fix the issues. The mouse issues and game stability/crashes will be fixed. 2K is also planning to add 21:9 support, audio options, and FOV slider to BioShock games.

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