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Bioshock The Collection Release: Top 3 Things You Shouldn’t Expect

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Bioshock The Collection

The release of Bioshock The Collection is getting closer, and game developer 2K Games has released a new trailer for the upcoming remastered collection. As Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite are coming together in one package for current gen consoles, some fans may have lofty expectations from the bundle. While the collection will bring new features, there are things players should not expect with this release.

Bioshock The Collection DLC Pack

Players should not expect any brand new content for the game. 2K Games has already confirmed that the collection will arrive with all the single player DLC, but there will be no new content to play. The only exclusive content this collection will have is a brand new series of videos.

Bioshock Infinite Remaster On PC

Bioshock The Collection for PC will not include a remastered version for Bioshock Infinite. PC players will only get the regular version of the game. According to the developers, Bioshock Infinite already meets the graphic qualities that the company wanted to deliver on PC, which is the reason why it is not getting a remastered version on PC.

Bioshock 2 Multiplayer

The third thing you should not expect from this collection is multiplayer support for Bioshock 2. The remastered version will come with Minerva’s Den DLC pack featuring single player gameplay option. Unfortunately, those waiting for multiplayer support in Bioshock 2 will be disappointed as the game will not support multiplayer gameplay.

The collection will be released for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. On its official website, 2K Games has already confirmed the game?s release date, which is September 13 for North America. Players in Australia will have to wait for another two days as the game is slated to hit stores in the region on September 15. Those who want to play the Bioshock games via Xbox One backwards compatibility will have to wait for a while as Microsoft still lists all three titles under ?in-progress?.

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