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BioShock: The Collection Release Date, Pricing And An Amazing Introduction Footage Surface

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BioShock: The Collection games are known for their unique, mysterious yet amazing introduction of their games. The traumatic experience and memories when the game is played for the first time is impossible to forget. And the remastered version of the franchise will refresh such memories.

Bioshock: The Collection, what is it?

Bioshock The Collection is the updated and modernized version for the current generation consoles. It will include Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite. Hardcore BioShock fans are able to distinguish even the smallest difference of the game compared to the old ones

The Lighthouse

2K Games has recently released three videos that showcase the remastered introduction of each of the games. BioShock and BioShock Infinite will both begin in a lighthouse and will eventually take the players in uniquely different directions.

The first game will bring the players to beautiful yet dangerous underwater city, the Rapture. The other will take the players into a floating city in the sky. Both places are filled with enemies that intend?to stop players in their journey.

2K Games invited GhostRobo to tour the fans into the beginning of the games

The publisher of the BioShock franchise invited a YouTube star, GhostRobo to tour the viewers through the intro of each of the games. The YouTube star also noticed a significant visual changes in the game, compared to the old version. View the videos below


When will Bioshock: The Collection arrive and what?s in the package?

Bioshock: The Collection will be release on Sept. 13th in North America, followed by an international release on Sept. 16th. The remastered versions of the games will run at 1080p and 60 frame per second for the current generation consoles.

The PC version of the BioShock: The Collection will only include two of the first games. As 2K stated, Infinite is already running pretty and smooth on PC. The release includes every single-player DLCs along with a video commentary ?Imagining BioShock?

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The PC gamers who already have a Steam copy of either of the games will receive the upgrade to the remastered version for free. Otherwise, the BioShock The Collection is priced at $60 for both consoles and PC platform.

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