BioLite Camping Stove Charges Your Gadgets as Your Grill

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BioLite introduces a unique camping stove that has a gadget charger to let people grill and use their mobile phone at the same time. The company?s first attempt in creating a gadget ? charging griller was with the CampStove, which uses thermal energy from burning biomass to generate power for charging mobile devices. This time, the BaseCamp offers a similar concept, but with enough space to grill eight burgers.


The BaseCamp works like a little chimenea that has a grill on top. You only need to feed small pieces of wood into its base and light it up to start grilling. The fan blowing the air into the chamber is powered by a thermoelectric generator to trigger the combustion. All of the excess energy then goes to its built ? in charger for your gadgets. The BaseCamp generates 5W of electricity, accessible through USB.

BioLite revealed that the gadget ? charging griller can juice up anything, from phones to tablets to handheld GPS devices. The strong fire could charge a phone for 30 minutes, allowing the user to enjoy five hours of talk time. This product is perfect when an outlet is unavailable.

USB Light

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Apart from its ability to boil water, grill and charge your mobile device all at the same time, the BaseCamp also has a USB light. This will allow you to read your favorite book as you cook. Another reason to love this product is that it minimizes smoke, which is great for people who hate smokey camp fires.

BioLite currently has an ongoing Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the gadget ? charging griller. It seems to be a wise call as the original goal of $45, 000 has already been used. The company?s project nearly has $185, 000 in pledges with over a month to go.

The BaseCamp can be purchased for $299. It may sound expensive for a little camp griller, but considering all of its bonus features makes this product worth buying. The CampStove costs only $130, but think of the new griller as a party ? sized version with bonus features that could actually save your life. Imagine how a fun camp day beside a lake would be ruined because your camera has no battery to capture the best moments.

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