Bindi Irwin Scores A Perfect 10 In Dancing With The Stars, Stunning Performance Is Tribute to Late Father?

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From day one, Bindi has impressed the judges with her impeccable dancing skills on Dancing With The Stars. And this time around, she scored a perfect 10 with the performance she dedicated to her late father.

People?reports that while talking about her performance she said, ?What shaped me the most would probably be when my dad passed away. It’s been nine years and I’ve never really dwelled on that point. I think I’m ready to tell that story.?

Bindi danced to the song Every breath you take and was in tears throughout her performance, says Sydney Morning Herald.

?This dance is for my Dad and for my family for everyone back at home, but for my Dad. This is for him,? Bindi said.

The touching performances have skyrocketed her celebrity in the United States, with A-list television actresses, Hollywood directors and Olympic medallists all praising the young environmentalist on Twitter.

Some of the tweets are as follows:

In her incredible performance, Bindi earned a 28 out of 30 and scored the first 10 of the season from judge Bruno Tonioli!

Bindi even got nostalgic after her performance and spoke about her childhood memories.

?My whole life has been captured on camera. I just grew up with the crew, and it was a part of my everyday life,” Bindi says. “They were a part of my family, and we would always just be on the road together, filming with Dad and doing these fun, adventurous things,? reported Huffington Post.

?I found these ants — they were quite big ants — and I was really excited about these ants,? she recalls. ?I was like, ‘Dad, we’ve got to come and film with these ants!?

Touching indeed!

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