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Billy The Kid Photo Value And Details: Can The Picture Actually Cost Millions? See Photo Here

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A collector was lucky enough to obtain an old-western type photo for just $2 when it was discovered that it had resembled the image of Wild West gunman Billy the Kid. An Old West enthusiast named Randy Guijarro bought the photo at a junk shop in Fresno, California for a quick $2 that is now assessed at $5 million when experts revealed the photo of Billy the Kid as authentic, reported by Yahoo! News.

A photo of Billy the Kid along with several members of his gang:

Billy the Kid

The 4 x 5 inch photo shows Billy the Kid resting his croquet mallet on the ground wearing a dark hat which looks like a ?shorter and wider version of the Abe Lincoln-style stovepipe.? He stands in front of a wooden building together with a member pointing on the left-side of the image and a woman in a ground-length skirt holding a baby, according to Yahoo! News.

Photo form Yahoo! News

Kagin?s senior numismatist, David McCarthy, said in statement how they carefully investigated and inspected the photo for more than a year to confirm the photo?s authenticity, reported by Yahoo! News. ?When we first saw the photograph, we were understandably skeptical ? an original Billy the Kid photo is the Holy Grail of Western Americana.

?We had to be certain that we could answer and verify where, when, how, and why this photograph was taken. Simple resemblance is not enough in a case like this ? a team of experts had to be assembled to address each and every detail in the photo to insure that nothing was out of place.

?After more than a year of methodical study including my own inspection of the site, there is now overwhelming evidence of the image?s authenticity.?

Billy the Kid, known for his names Henry McCarty and William H. Bonney, ?was a famous thief and gunfighter who was captured and sentenced to death but escaped prison after killing two guards.?

This photo is said to be one of only two authenticated images of the iconic figure of Old West America which will be on sale again. The other known photo (2 x 3 inch tintype) of Billy the Kid was taken in 1880 in Fort Summer, N.M. which took in more than $2 million in 2010, according to Kagin?s.

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